We collect and pick-up objects
on top of cleaning your house,
condo, garage and much more!

Successions Logistiques offers valuable pick up and cleaning services for your premises.

In the Montreal, Laurentides, Montérégie, Bois-Francs, Mauricie, Outaouais, and Greater Quebec City regions, Successions Logistiques’s staff is available to help you get rid of the content of your home, whatever the cause might be. We understand that having to empty a house, room, or apartment can be a daunting task, especially when it’s the result of a separation, death, or any other sad or emotional event.

We have designed our services with the intention of being as helpful as possible, for you not to have to carry this heavy burden. We’ve gathered everything you need in one place and our professionals are trained to support you throughout the process, from the coordination to the cleaning process. In addition, we make sure to provide the appropriate assistance according to the profile and needs of our clients in order to respect the different mandates. As every home is unique, our services will be just as good

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Successions Logistiques’s services are available near you!

Our services are available to those who need to empty their apartment or house in the regions of Montreal, Laurentides, Montérégie, Bois-Francs, Mauricie and more. It can sometimes be unpleasant to have to empty a space all alone which is why having access to professional services is essential in such circumstances. Our professionals will assign a positive value to your items which can then be deducted from your final bill.

Whether it’s following a death or a departure to a retirement home, we are here to help you collect the items, empty the house and clean the space, always using eco-friendly methods. Also, we make sure to respect the property taking into account that each home is unique and each mandate different. Our team is sufficiently trained to adapt to the needs of every client.

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How do I go about emptying the apartment following the death of my loved one?

Not knowing what to do with old objects can quickly become overwhelming especially since these objects are sentimental most of the time because of what they represent. For these reasons, we offer our pickup and cleaning services to make your job easier. Our experts work in the greatest professionalism and respect all of your requests, knowing that each case is unique.

In addition, we make sure to accommodate you with our rates by deducting the total value of your items from the final bill, after evaluating the quality of what we find on your property.

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