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Successions Logistiques handles
all the logistics, collection and cleaning
of your houses, apartments, garages and more

Successions Logistiques offers its services in the Montreal, Laurentides, Bois-Francs, Mauricie and more. Our company offers unique services that will allow you to get rid of some heavy and sometimes painful tasks. We help you remove all the pressure on your shoulders, as we take care of coordinating all the logistics by bringing together all your belongings, making a complete inventory of the contents or unclaimed items of your properties: house, apartment, garage, condo or any other.

Another advantage of doing business with us is that our service is all-in-one. In fact, we make sure to cover all aspects without forgetting the slightest detail, from coordination to recycling. In addition, we offer the option to evaluate the value of your items and then deduct the sum off of your final bill, which is all to your advantage. Whether following a death, a departure to a retirement home, a relocation or any other event, you can fully benefit from our services!

We adapt our offers to the content of your space and according to the particularity of the places. If it turns out that there is a parity between the positive value versus the negative value (pickup costs), there will be in these cases, no costs of pickup / logistics to pay for the customer.

Our services also make it easier for estate agents, professionals and families in charge of this responsibility. We advocate a socially responsible approach by redistributing reusable items to local charities. For more information, do not hesitate to contact us at 514-299-8787

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Successions Logistiques,
a company with unique
services near you

We offer valuable services for the collection and cleaning of houses, apartments and more, for our clientele in Montreal, Montérégie, Laurentians, Quebec City and elsewhere who needs to get rid of the content of these spaces.

Emptying a house, a garage or even an apartment can be a difficult task, especially after an emotional event such as a death, a separation, a relocation of a loved one etc. To do this, we provide pickup and cleaning services to consolidate the entire contents of your parts and evaluate the value, sorting, picking and recycling as needed. The total value of the items can be used to compensate your bill for our logistics and coordination services. In addition, it is also a way to help notaries, lawyers or any other professional who needs to be involved in this process.

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Our Options :

  1. We empty the entire house / building in exchange for the content, to which we will assign a positive value. (depending on the type of items, condition, accessibility and cleanliness). Pickup fees may be charged. The positive value of the "good content" will be deducted monetarily from the invoice of the complete pickup.
  2. We only buy content or items with a positive value. (partial or complete, to be evaluated on a case-by-case basis).
  3. Whether it is to keep, sell, recycle or dispose of it in a responsible way, we will find a solution adapted to your needs. There are no folders too complex.
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What happens to recyclables?

Successions Logistiques takes care of gathering the contents of your houses, condos, garage or any other room that needs to be emptied. We offer an all-in-one service, which allows us to take care of the both the pick-up and the cleaning. Once these items are evaluated, we not only deduct their value from your final bill, but we redistribute the recyclable items to charitable organizations. We are also very keen on respecting the environment which why we put a lot of effort in being eco-friendly.

Thanks to our professionals, no more need to carry this heavy burden all alone! We take care of sorting, picking and cleaning without having to worry about anything.

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