For the cleaning and/or the collection of the contents
of your pieces!

We offer cleaning and pick-up services to help you lighten your tasks in the Mauricie, Eastern Townships and surrounding areas.

No matter where you are in Quebec, Successions Logistiques serves several regions, which will allow you to benefit from our precious help when it comes time to empty your houses or apartments, following a relocation, a death or other.

We know that these are tasks that can be difficult and cumbersome, especially in case of the loss of a loved one and it is not necessarily a task in which we want to indulge. For this, we put at your disposal experts who will help you by adapting specifically to your needs, knowing that all cases are unique and different. They will meet your needs and all for a flexible price. In fact, we deduct the sum of the value of the items that we will have assessed at home on your final bill, which is to your advantage.

Our service is all-in-one because we take care of the logistics at the organization level to collect all your goods and evaluate them, but we also get rid of cumbersome things by doing the pickup in the way more environmentally friendly, then leave you with an untouched space thanks to our cleaning service. You will not regret having given us the mandate to empty your house.

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Give us the task of cleaning and picking up items from your deserted premises

Whether an apartment, a house, a garage, a condo or other, Successions Logistiques offers unparalleled cleaning and collection services. We collect the items found in these rooms and attribute a positive value to them, that we will then deduct from your final bill, which gives you the chance to benefit from our services for free in certain cases!

We offer an incomparable turnkey service that reduces your workload to the maximum. In fact, we not only manage the logistics, distribution and inventory of goods, but we help you to get rid of them and we then leave you with a clean space thanks to our cleaning service.

For an efficient and professional cleaning and pick-up, whatever the space or quantity, do not hesitate to contact us today whether you are in Montreal, Quebec City, Mauricie or the surrounding area.

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Our Options :

  1. We empty the entire house / building in exchange for the content, to which we will assign a positive value. (depending on the type of items, condition, accessibility and cleanliness). Pickup fees may be charged. The positive value of the "good content" will be deducted monetarily from the invoice of the complete pickup.
  2. We only buy content or items with a positive value. (partial or complete, to be evaluated on a case-by-case basis).
  3. Whether it is to keep, sell, recycle or dispose of it in a responsible way, we will find a solution adapted to your needs. There are no folders too complex.
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Can I keep my articles if I use your services?

Successions Logistiques helps you to collect items from your homes, apartments or garages, for whatever reason, to get rid of this heavy task. We make sure to offer a turnkey service that will prevent you from having to do anything. One of the options we offer is the exchange of your items for our services, but nothing prevents you from keeping the items you want to keep.

In addition, we also do cleaning and recycling. We work with professionalism and excellence to ensure order and smooth progress. Our goal is to serve you and make your job as easy as possible.

For pickup and cleaning services, contact us! Logistic Successions will visit a city near you, be it Montreal, the Laurentides, the Montérégie, the Bois-Francs, the Mauricie, the Eastern Townships and the greater region of Quebec City.

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